About Our Papers

Paper Connection is happy to carry a wide variety of fine art and decorative papers.

Fine art papers include our quality Kozo, Gampi, Hanji, and Aiko's Collection.

Our Decorative line, soon to be added, will consist of patterned Kozo, including Yuzen, Katazome, and other vintage papers, such as Marbled, Momi Kozo, Chiyogami, Itajime, and others.

Other countries are represented as well, with patterned and textured Lokta from Nepal, and Paper Connection's own in-house design of the Laurelai collection, wonderful retro patterns silkscreened on recycled cotton, hailing from India.

Traditional papers from An-Hui, China, crafted in sustainable and long-held papermaking methods, are showcased in our An-Jing line.

Lace papers, watermarked papers from Japan, are available in dozens of patterns and colors.

This is just some of the many papers that Paper Connection is proud to carry. When you purchase from us, you not only are supporting the papermakers that employ traditional papermaking