About Us

Paper Connection International, LLC is your premier resource for fine art and specialty papers made by skilled crafts people in the East to suit the paper needs of the West.

PCI is known for superior paper products; unique yet functional papers for your art, design or conservation work. PCI is well-known for our dependable customer service and for our staff with decades of technical expertise in the world of paper. Technical assistance is provided to manufacturers, retailers, museum curators, bookbinders, conservators, artists and designers… anyone who needs to know anything about paper.

For over twenty years, PCI has been providing papers to those in the trade, but now with the recent acquisition of Aiko's of Chicago, along with a high demand of specialty papers by those who choose to support sustainably made papers, PCI has opened its doors to all those who desire fine quality handmade paper and products.

We are located in beautiful Providence, RI, serving the needs of the many universities, art communities, and general public who appreciate paper arts and all that is associated with it.