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PAPERS at your fingertips! 

A few large wall calendars available but going fast! 

 Dear Local Community and Clients Afar,

As you well know, the pandemic has effected our physical and mental health, our livelihoods- our LIVES!   Global trade has certainly slowed and small to large shipping problems are growing at a steady clip. In the 30 years since we have been shipping paper, this is the first time we have experienced such a multitude of problems all at once.  
But we won't give up!    After all we just hit a milestone of 25 continuous years in the Providence location!   
We will continue to ensure you get your paper orders, even if it means delays, losses, etc.  We're here for you and we sincerely want you to have those beautiful papers go to your fine hands.  Remember: making art is not only good for the maker, but the rest of us too.
We are trying our best to work around the problems of the US Post Office, UPS, other domestic and international shippers.  Please bear in mind the problems are massive and global.  So, we ask for you patience and understanding.
Thank you !   Stay safe everyone!
Check our catalog, as we are adding more items all the time. 
  • If you don't see it here, we can send you additional images or send us an image or sample to match.
  • Please note some of our shipping rates have reflected the recent rate increase by USPS. PLEASE READ our FAQ's & Shipping Policies.
  • We reserve the right to ship UPS or the safest most cost effective method; if you prefer alternate shipping methods, please email us at paperexperts@paperconnection.com
  • If you are working with a deadline, please call us or email us to let us know your individual situation; we will do our best to accommodate. (Especially during the HOLIDAY SEASON.)
  • For those in the local RI area, we are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call us at 401.454.1436 or email us at contactus@paperconnection.com to make an appointment. 
  • Due to recent changes TEMPORARILY, WE WILL ONLY BE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA VIA THIS SITE.   PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE USA. This is a TEMPORARY situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to our valued customers outside the US. Presently our priority is finding a reliable, cost and time effective means to deliver our papers on an international scale. If you need paper and currently need it shipped outside the US please contact us at paperexperts@paperconnection.com for custom service. Thank you for your continued support of handmade paper.