Korean Mulberry Papers-Hanji Papers

Paper Connection International, LLC carries close to 100 different plain white and natural, Japanese kōzo and gampi papers, we now have new Hanji, mulberry papers from Korea and our newest An-Jing papers, made from xuan fiber or blue sandalwood fibers.  All of these papers make up our high quality collection of fine art papers for painting, drawing, conservation, encaustics and traditional as well as digital printmaking.

This section will showcase Hanji papers made out of Korean mulberry, or "cham dak".  Hanji is an excellent paper for book and paper conservation due to its high archival nature and super strength. All stocked hanji are handmade and 100% Korean mulberry.

Hanji, like any mulberry fiber-based paper, work very well in collage, printmaking, and bookmaking. It is also ideal for traditional Korean paper crafts such as "Joomchi", paper felting, and "Jiseung", or cording, which includes creating traditional paper baskets, and other functional paper crafts found in everyday life.

Due to the recent popularity of Joomchi and Jiseung in the USA, Paper Connection is happy to provide a large selection of hanji supplies for various workshops, classes, and individual use.