Large Format Sheets & Paper in Rolls

White Lace rolls also available in 3 patterns: amime, sazanami, uzumaki.   White asanoha-snowflake pattern in stock too (asanoha will soon be added to this shop).  

 Ideal for artists who work with large format printmaking, installation, and even those doing interior design, lighting, and other projects where an abundant supply of quality crafted paper is need.

These items are not only generous in length, but also wider than their average sheet counterpart.

Masa Soft White-30-meter rolls.

Kōzo-medium weight, both in white and natural, are available in a seemingly endless 50-meter roll.

Usuyou Gampi, also available in both white and natural, at a convenient 10-meter roll. Gampi Natural ("Kitakata") wide roll.

NEW XTRA LARGE  heavy gampi sheets   1m²  plus bonus inches!

Bamboo heavyweight white in 15-meter rolls.

Shōji rolls @7.2 meters! -(longer shōji rolls posted to this shop soon!)

 Special long handmades will soon be added to this shop.

100% kōzo:  Seichosen, Nishinouchi, 100% mitsumata Seikousen, PLUS there's Lokta Natural 1x2 meters (shown on right) and Pang Pi 45x80 in. (shown above)-LIMTED EDITION!    PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT THESE SPECIAL ITEMS