Rolled Gampi Natural 33g-"Kitakata" 10 meters-MR-231B

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Looking for gampi paper in a large format? Look no further than this 10-meter long roll of Gampi Natural- some folks call "Kitakata". Ideal for artists who work with large format printmaking, installation work, and other projects where the paper needs to be longer than the average sheet.

The Chinese characters for gampi literally translates as  "goose skin". This paper is sometimes referred to as "silk tissue".

This natural gampi is thin, and ideal for chine colle, etching, as well as many types of printmaking methods.

Paper Connection's Gampi Collection is made from 100% Philippine gampi, a lustrous, silky fiber native to Japan and other parts of Asia. Both in its sheet form or in the raw fiber form, gampi by its natural make-up reacts to ink as if it had sizing on it.  In other words, it holds ink on its crisp, smooth surface beautifully.  At Paper Connection, we call it the "queen of printmaking". 

Measures 38 inches wide, by 10 meters long, ~33g/m².

*Also available in sheets! see gampi collection.