Kozo in Colors

Paper Connection International, LLC has a vast kaleidoscope of all handmade, richly colored flat sheets of Colored Kōzo.  These are often called "Mingei" or "Moriki" papers.

Our dyed mulberrys from Japan come from 4 or more places in Japan. "Yatsuo" refers Dyed Kōzo from Toyama Prefecture; our items coded "AI" are Yatsuo Washi and were originally colors sold at Aiko's formerly in Chicago. Many of our "CK" colors were made 30 years ago, so you could say they are "vintage".  Some were made in recent years by small studios in Ogawamachi, Saitama Prefecture and also at Awagami Factory in Tokushima Prefecture.

Dyed Kōzo or Dak papers from Korea (hanji) are also shown here.  

Dyed Kōzo Papers are ideal for box liners or end papers for books and definitely for printmaking!