Coated or Surface Sized Papers -Fine Art, Digital Printing, Alt Photography, Painting, Drawing

This special line of Japanese papers can be used with inkjet printers, silkscreen printing, or any kind of relief printing, such as letterpress.  Alternative photography processes can also be applied, such as historical photography printing, cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, and Platinum/Palladium.

Papers include Mino Washi, hailing from the Mino area in Gifu, Japan, identified by code "G". This line of washi was made coated specifically to use for the inkjet process.

For more on the alternative photography printing methods, please read our blog's Artist of the Month feature, which discusses the process and washi used:

Artist of the Month: Francis Schanberger   His photo image is shown above. 

The cyanotype (blue) shown in our collections page is by artist Lindsey Beal.  Please enjoy our conversation with Ms. Beal about her use of photo and mixed media techniques.

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