National Treasure Handpainted Kozo-HK-0059

$ 40.00

A wonderful paper, exclusive to Paper Connection International, the papermaker has been deemed a National Treasure by the Japanese government. These papers are in limited supply, and each sheet can be considered a work of art in itself. Handpainted with natural pigments, a watercolor type effect is seen on this piece of handmade kozo. Due to the unique nature of each sheet, special color requests cannot be honored. You will be pleasantly surprised when you receive your order-whether it's an inspiring cloudlike grey to a delicious green or a rosy pink. Regardless of the color scheme, you will be in awe of the craftsmanship of this paper, an essential item for any paper connoisseur. 

*please note, customer agrees to selection of paper made by PCI staff; no exchanges honored, limited quantities of this paper remain.