Inbe Thin White Coated Paper for digital and alternative photography

$ 35.00

This is a specialty washi (Japanese paper); hemp + kozo (mulberry) fiber mix, no bleaching or brighteners used, but treated with a surface coating made exclusively by Awagami Factory, Tokushima, Japan.  This coating allows the photographer to reprint with great detail on a soft, matte surface embodied by the soul of bast fibers (low-lignin fibers). Compatible with both dye and pigment inks and tested in and color-profiled for professional models of color Canon and Epson printers. 

Includes 20 sheets A4 sample sheets in white.   Size A4= 8.27 x 11.69 inches @ 70 g/m².

This item will be shipped flat rate priority mail if ordered alone or with similar type items.