Hanji Series: Dak Paper, Korean Mulberry-Specks KH-3-13

$ 15.00

This hanji is handmade ssangbal style; with short-side grain direction. It is 100% paper mulberry, with tiny mulberry bark flecks.

Can be used for paper threads or cording for weaving(shifu or  jiseung basketry).Fine for bookmaking, printmaking, calligraphy, painting, even for making everyday household items, like sliding doors, lanterns, and woven tables, containers, teapots, etc.

This hanji is handmade using 100% Korean mulberry fiber, or in the Korean language, "cham dak".  Tiny, random specks of dak (mulberry) bark.

Measures 25 x 37 inches, 19 g/m², Code#: KH-3-13.