Gampi Natural 33g-"Kitakata" Large-M-0231B

$ 12.00

This beautiful and functional piece of gampi paper may be used for all sorts of printmaking.  Some call this paper "Kitakata", so if your instructor or colleague has recommended using that you have come to the right listing.

Made out of 100% Philippine Gampi, made in Kochi, Japan.  Measuring 24.8 x 37 inches, @ 33 g/m².
This paper is also available in a roll, for those interested in large format printmaking, wall paper, or materials for installation.

Two additional photos show paper against a black background; the first a close up, then a small group of the deckle and the center of the paper.  The last photo shows the paper against a white background, again, the deckle, then the center of the paper.