Digital & Experimental Photo Paper Sampler

$ 25.00

2023 Special D.E.P.P. pack contains a set of 9 diverse papers to experiment with digital processes, experimental photo processes and mixed media combinations. Each sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches and includes the following, which are all available in the original size on this shop.

  • IG-90XL Gampi (Kitakata) Natural X-Large 90g/m² 39.5 x 42 in. $35.00/sheet
  • I-MM* Masa Soft White 77g/m² 15.5 x 21 in. $1.25/sheet
    (Masa Soft White 77g/m² also available in a 30 m x 43 in. wide roll : $80.00)
  • G-0001 Kozo White HW  ~80g/m²   24.5 x 35 in. $6.00/sheet  NEW!
  • G-0003 Mitsumata Natural LW 39g/m²  31 x 42.5 in. $6.00/sheet
  • G-0019** Mino Kozo Natural HW 80g/m² 24.5 x 35 in. $6.00/sheet
  • AF-ITW1** Inbe Thin White 70g/m² 20-sheet pack A4 size $35.00/pack
    (Inbe Thin White 70g/m² also available in a 15 m x 44 in. wide roll: $250.00/roll)
  • AF-BA4** Bamboo Inkjet 170g/m² 20-sheet pack A4 size $25.00/pack
    (Bamboo Inkjet 170g/m² also available in A3+ $27.50, and in a 15 m x 44 in. wide roll : $200.00/roll)
  • TIJ-715W** Kozo White Inkjet Roll ~80g/m² 20 m x 37 in. $325.00 /roll
  • SUNN Hemp- hand burnished 24x35 in. $16.00/sheet

* Surface Sized
**Inkjet Ready

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*price includes shipping cost within the USA.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: We recommend these papers for experimental and alternative photography processes, as well as for inkjet printing, however, please keep in mind that individual methods will yield varying results. Please contact us for recommendations and we welcome our community to share their insights and creative findings!