Aiko's Honen with Sizing_See G-0007/3

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A new version of honen, this particular paper is sized. Some prefer sizing so chance of ink bleeding is reduced, as well as adhesion of fibers and a stronger paper. This is a famous and well used type of kozo paper of the Aiko's collection. Honen is a reliable paper for all sorts of printmaking. Many of our customers use this because of its light weight, smooth surface, and price.  Honen is especially popular for chine colle and is also being used for cyanotypes and Van Dyke brown prints- alternative photo processes.

Measures 25 x 38.5 inches, 25 g/m², Code#: AI-267.

PLEASE SEE G-0007 and G-0003 as alternative papers; "honen" has been discontinued.

Paper Connection is happy to be the exclusive provider of Aiko's collection of papers. As the first washi store in the US, based in Chicago, IL, Aiko's was legendary in its service and variety of Japanese paper and art supplies they carried.