Neri Powder Formation Aid - 50g

$ 17.50

DIY  Mix your owen formation aid in powder form for hand papermaking.

Here are the instructions on the back of the container.


Gradually add about 0.5 g of “Neri” to 1L of water。Stir well while adding neri.

Leave about 3 hours to around a half day until “Neri” is completely dissolved.



In case you cannot gauge how to measure 0.5g, please use one scoop of Japanese ear pick “Mimi-kaki” as the measure. It’s a VERY SMALL amount!


合間(あいま)で時々(ときどき)混(ま)ぜ、ダマが見(み)られる時(とき)は布(ぬの)などで濾(こ)して下さい。Stir every so often. Please strain it through something like linen/cheesecloth if there are some lumps.


これを原材料(げんざいりょう)に少(すこ)しずつ入(い)れ、よくかき混(ま)ぜてから漉(す)き始(はじ)めます。Gradually add this mixture to the vat of slurry.

After mixing very well (“hogging” the vat), please form your sheet of paper.


*少(すこ)し入(い)れて漉(す)いてみて、水(みず)が早(はや)く引(ひ)きすぎずに、数回(すうかい)原材料(げんざいりょう)を入(い)れ過(す)ぎる余裕(よゆう)があるくらいの濃度(のうど)が丁度(ちょうど)いいです。Start with a small amount of “Neri” and try making a sheet of paper. You can always add more“Neri” as you go. You know the consistency is “good” if the water doesn’t drain too quickly or too slowly.


 粘剤(ねんざい)を入(い)れ過(す)ぎると水(みず)がなかなか引(ひ)きません。If you add too much ”neri”, the water will drain very slowly.




Please adjust the amount of “neri”, according to the water (hard or soft), etc.