An-Jing (Xuan Papers) -Traditional Papers from China

Image of Meteor Shower bowls above courtesy of Joan Son, using traditonal An-Jing Meteor Shower mottled patterned papers. 


Paper Connection's exclusive An-Jing Paper line is specially made xuan paper from Anhui province, many hours west of Shanghai. Xuan, (pronounced shwen), paper has been hand crafted for over 1000 years in this area. These papers are made from bast fibers, such as blue sandalwood, mulberry, hemp, and dragon whisker grass. 

There are several varieties of An-Jing Paper:

Crumpled and Dyed: handmade tissues dyed in bright colors; think gift wrap, collage, matting, and other paper crafts.

Botanical Line includes our Embossed Leaf, a heavyweight textured paper embossed with real leaves. Frame as is or cut for book covers, collage, table decorations or other interior projects. 

Unique Patterns and Colors include various marbled patterned papers, mottled, spotted patterns, and more.