Torinoko Gampishi Art White Extra Heavy HK-0018

$ 23.00

Paper Connection stocks a series of vintage Torinoko hailing from the southwestern region of Japan. This exclusive line is handcrafted by a group of papermakers who have been recognized by the government as individuals who carry on the tradition of hand papermaking, some deemed National Treasures. 

Torinoko literally means "chicken's child" and is used to refer to an egg's shell. The exquisite sheen of an eggshell describes this gampi paper's surface.

Gampishi Art White HW is a gorgeous, unusually extra heavy weight washi. Often used in printmaking including Mokuhanga and letterpress, it works equally well  with painting and drawing. This is a multi-ply sheet made of mostly Gampi, a washi worthy of acclaim.

Measures 22 x 30 inches, with a deckle edge; ph-neutral, gampi & sulphite pulp;
235 g/m².