Fine Art Papers from Asia: Mokuhanga

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* Fine Art Papers from Asia:
This is a new addition to our vast collection of printmaking papers, with a focus on heavier papers for mokuhanga, a time-honored woodblock printing technique using water-based inks.

The portfolio of 10 unique papers was developed as a suggested collection of papers for mokuhanga printmakers and presented at the most recent International Mokuhanga Conference in Toyko in 2014. 

Papers include a surface gampi, gampi torinoko, various grades of kozo papers and a few other exotic papers. Please test out our selected mokuhanga papers. Swatches measure~5x7 inches-large enough to do a mini print. 

The majority of the enclosed papers are not currently sold via this shop.  Please call for assistance, as some of the heavier papers require special shipping methods.


Please note the shipping method is determined by PCI. If you would like a specific shipping method, please email us at

*Current swatchbooks may include slightly different papers outlined in table of contents. These papers can still be used for mokuhanga.

*(price includes shipping cost within the USA).