New Fine Art Papers

As we expand our line of fine art papers, we hope that this new selection will be among your new favorites for 2017.

Bunkoshi: a sturdy, heavyweight paper, ideal for all sort of fine art applications, such as printmaking, painting, drawing, and even book pages.

New Heavy Creped Paper White  coated for inkjet printing; print and sculpt!  Price is a steal at $1.00/sheet!

Kizuki-shi 4Monme: a crisp, lightweight kozo that is great for painting, drawing, and of course, printmaking. It is made using unbleached kozo bark.

XL Gampi: Can’t get enough gampi? For all you gampi believers out there, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. An extra large 1 square METER plus! of gampi. It is lusciously large and almost opaque at 90g/m².

Show us what you create with this giant sheet!

MASA: We have a masa paper in sheets and rolls. Such as Masa Soft White, Masa White, and Masa Soft White in 30-meter rolls.  For further description of using with relief prints, please read here.

A.I.J.P. Awagami Inkjet Paper

Alternative/Digital Photography Paper: The union of photography on washi has been a good one, and keeps getting better with the innovative uses of photographers who want something different than the glossy finish of photo paper.

Paper Connection offers a wide array of coated papers for this new and exciting world. Not sure which photo paper to pick?  Try our assorted sample pack!

For more about Yana Filkovsky-Saito on A.I.J.P bamboo paper, please read our blog here.