Warehouse Wednesday: Jane LOVES HK-0024! February 20 2019

https://youtu.be/Sna9NyZJttY This handmade kozo (paper mulberry) paper is extra long and a great value for its large size. It certainly can be used for most any printmaking technique, as well as backing support for large artwork. Because its unusual size, it has been used in repair of antique folding screens. Hailing from the Kochi area of Japan, Otoshi is one of the many Tosa Washi (paper from Kochi) we carry. The papermakers in Kochi (formerly Tosa Kingdom), have been crafting paper, using traditional methods practiced for countless generations. Measures 29.5 x 56 inches; 33 g/m² https://shop.paperconnection.com/products/kozo-otoshi-handmade-white-very-long-kozo-33g Watch the papermaker in action!