The Lotus Position November 16 2021

Using Varietal Papers with Different Effects
Softly Spoken using PCI Paper
9 Wonderful Templates
There is little as soothing as folded paper art. The repetitive motion, sharp and crisp lines - fold, flip, fold, flip. The rhythm is comforting, hypnotic. I chose one of 9 templates from Brother Industries, their Lotus Flower. I used Brother's straightforward tutorial and selected papers that could handle multiple folds. The smaller I went, the thinner and more resilient the paper. Great choices from Paper Connection include the Yuzen paper line or Katazome, for starters. Give Itajimishi a go or try Lokta. Patterned, embedded, crinkled, solid, or semi-translucent, experimenting and outcomes trigger different appeals. I overprinted using my Canon PRO-100, which created a whole other feel. Note: Not all printers can handle heavier or fragile papers. My Canon PRO-100 has served me well. If I have a concerning substrate, such as felted paper, I back the material with a full-size/removable adhesive label paper from Dennison or Staples. Removable adhesive labels keep the paper stable as it goes through the printer.

“Make it your own.”

Lovely notes or perhaps beautiful hanging objects. Felted flowers, table placards, or an added adornment to create a moment of peace. Thank you Brother!

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