Tenugui:More than Just a Hand-towel December 21 2011

Tenugui is a "handy-wipe", which Japanese carry with them for daily use. But, as you can see here, they are used in a variety of different ways; like as part of a costume for parade performers, as giftwrap for presents, as wall art, as a sash or scarf.

These pretty little textiles we're neatly tied around the heads of the dancers during the Koenji Festival parade, which I attended last month. A natural progression from paper is of course, textiles. As a collector of affordable art or folk arts, I've taken on tenugui as my new obsession. Tenugui are now for sale on papernado.com.

Just in these last 2 months, I've learned more details about how tenuguis are made....will explain in a future blog. Other scenes in the town of Koenji.
Devil Roof Tile of Temple in Koenji Here's a little video to enjoy, recorded in Japan. Just click on link below, taking you to our new vimeo account: