The Royal Court March 01 2011

Every March 3rd, Japanese households with daughters and retail shops display ornate dolls made from paper, clay, wood, porcelain, and cloth in honor of Doll Festival or Girls' Day.

In late February through March 3rd, doll collections passed from mother to daughter for many generations are unpacked, dusted off and set out on multilevel platforms. Depending on one's collection, these displays can occupy large amounts of space particularly in small Japanese living spaces, as these dolls represent the Emperor of Japan, Empress, and sometimes their court: including attendants, musicians, instruments, dishes, royal feast, plants, etc... This is definitely one of favorite days in Japan. Who doesn't love things in miniature? I still own a set of miniature cooking utensils hand-carved in Mexico by children. I bought this folk art in Mexico in the mid-70's. Irresistible cuteness!