Paperwomen Unite! August 12 2011

I planned a very long overdue party for my paperwomen! July 31st we got together down by the shore for a potluck-cookout. Everyone contributed their culinary skills, or brought gourmet goodies from abroad. It was a day for some much needed sun, and catching up! The refreshing salt air and picturesque view perfectly complemented the good food and conversation....s. Straight from Japan: wonderfully crafted matcha chocolates..mmmm.

After our lunch, (freshly grilled sardines-Portuguese style, with daikon on the side, roasted red pepper dip, homemade sushi, spinach-strawberry salad, pasta with veggies and capers and more), us paperwomen took a lovely walk by the water, right before high tide. It was a perfect way to end the day, and much needed, as we work so hard; I wanted to reward my staff, and let them know how much I appreciate, and need them. It is so important to do this, especially in these uncertain times. Not one word was spoken of work, no planning, no analysis, no worries. It truly was a day of refreshment, and motivated us to do our best for the inevitable Monday that followed.