Is it Paper, Fabric or both? August 05 2010

I signed up to be a member of Surface Design Association recently, and am excited to explore the world of fiber arts. More than just a macrame necklace, mind you, not that there's anything wrong with that. How can fiber artists incorporate our papers into their work? Can our papers replace synthetic fibers such as nylon, vinyl and the like? Coincidentally, I was invited to Arlene McGonagle , Carol FitzSimond's and Wanda Coderre's collaborative show here in Providence, called The Ties That Bind . at the Providence Art Club. All paper users, Arlene, in particular, uses our Kyosei in here woven baskets.
one of Arlene McGonagle's Incredible Paper Baskets
I decided to put Kyosei as the paper of the month for these dog days of August. But who knows? Maybe with my trend forecasting, it will be the next big thing in the paper biz...again! You heard it hear first! Check out more of the show here.