Back to the Future March 06 2019

All thanks to attending Matrices in October 2018, I returned to Iowa City 28 years later! This is where the seeds of my idea to form an independent, handmade paper business were sowed and fertilized. So I am still here, almost 3 decades later, with a fully grown paper business!: Paper Connection in Providence, RI. Above the "guru" himself! My "paper father", Tim Barrett, the author of the books: Japanese Papermaking and European Hand Papermaking. Making the crazy-big 27 foot handmade paper sheet with people I adore and respect. Photo above by Kathryn Clark, taken at University of Iowa, October, 2018. The big sheet was a big feat that made news in the local newspaper! Photo above by Barry Phipps taken at University of Iowa, October, 2018. Above photo of me with my paper "aunt and uncle"(?) Howie and Kathryn Clark,
founders of Twinrocker Paper at University of Iowa, October, 2018.
What's the plan in 2019? We are currently changing our webshop to a new platform, so please hang in there with us
while we ride over any bumps on the road. Many aspects of my paper life are shifting this year; mainly to education;
learning, more papermaking practice and more teaching.
I am working on creating a community space for teaching paper-related arts as a branch to the business at Paper Connection.
Thank you to those who filled out our survey.