Memories in Matchbooks June 30 2011

Recently, while out here in the East Coast visiting, my brother Stu packed up the best of his old matchbook collection and attempted to bring some of the ol' memories in his luggage, back to the West Coast. Upon departure from the local airport, most of the collection was removed from his luggage and confiscated - still packed in a classic super-market brand sliced white bread bag. After a special run to the airport to retrieve the confiscated goods, with bread bag and all, they are now safely at Paper Connection.

Take a peak at these colorful, vintage mini-prints:

It's obvious I come from a family who has always collected- particularly me and my brother Stu. We are both serious paper e·phem·er·a collectors and have been since childhood. Starting with stamps, matchbooks, antique postcards, decals, stickers, ticket stubs, record album jackets, wonder I turned into a paperwoman!

What's your special paper ephemera collection?