Why Use Masa Paper for Printmaking? December 06 2016

We’ve got a new arrival in our paper warehouse: Masa paper. Masa is a type of mulberry or kozo/mix pulp paper that is very smooth on one side. Because it has both internal and surface sizing and can easily be crumpled and re-flattened, this paper is ideal for printmaking. Don’t believe us? Just listen to Lyell Castonguay, woodcut extraordinaire: “Masa is an excellent multi-purpose paper that I use for printing large scale woodcuts. It takes ink beautifully and is an inexpensive solution for proofing and testing color overlays. This paper is lightweight with virtually no memory-making, flattening, cutting, and handling big sheets a breeze.” And the price is right! We stock masa sheets in bright white and soft white. Large rolls of soft white also stocked in the Paper Connection warehouse in Providence, RI. Photos courtesy of Lyell Castonaguay at BIG INK. printing-work-by-david-hazlett printing-work-by-gary-comoglio priting-work-by-reinaldo-gil-zambrano