2009 SummERized: October 06 2009

Our Great Land of Diversity What did I do over summer vacation? It started off with......perfect weather days in Rhode Island. Visiting some Wamponaog old acquaintances on Martha's Vineyard in Aquinnah. Having spent many summers here as a youth I couldn't help but reminisce with the salt air, breathtaking ocean views. It was great to create new memories on this unique island.
I'm well aware that I'm one of those fortunate people who has traveled many times out of the US. But this summer I was able to travel inside the US, and I was struck by the diverse cultures and land masses which make up this vast country of ours.
188A quick visit to the Big Apple; there's no other place like it!192 Finally, at the end of the summer season we ended up with a memorable trip to New Mexico.
Early Sun in Santa Fe
Santa Fe is a concentrated artist community where many transplants from the East have settled. No doubt they were lured by the inspirational district and colors of the landscapes there. Although we had work to do (the Artisan expo), I was more excited to take in everything the desert had to offer. I had never been here before, and was ready to be inspired myself.
Perfect combo
How can one not be inspired by the long history and culture of all its native peoples, all the Mexican folk art and stunning New Mexican sky-scapes?
New Mexico 09.09 111
Looking forward to the changing color of leaves back in New England. What an AMAZINGLY diverse country! That's what makes the USA so unique.