The Wrapping is a Gift in Itself December 11 2018

boka lokta, vegetable dyed paper, handmade paper, origami, giftbox Boka lokta boxes with origami touch.
'Tis the season for gift giving. Wrapping can be a ritual and a way to extend the love beyond what comes inside the package. There are so many creative approaches to wrapping, and in Japan they have perfected the art of wrapping - it is a ritual tradition and perfect art form. yuzen, chioyogami, bokashi, lace paper, mizuhiki In the Art of Gift Wrapping, creator Wanda Wen of Soolip writes: "In the end, gift wrapping is all about creating a work of art with love to enhance the gift you are giving." p. 11
cotton, striped, jewel tones Patterned Indian cotton papers wrap perfectly! And, paper makes great ribbon too.
candy wrap, xuan paper, crumpled and dyed, rice paper, giftwrap Handmade shibori-dyed xuan paper with colored raffia transforms this plain, square box into a fun, giant candy shape.