Hands in the Slurry June 30 2015

Well believe it or not, I rarely get a chance to actually pull sheets, make artwork or do anything with paper except count it, wrap it and ship it. But just last month I had a full day finally using that other side of my brain.IMG_3132 Yes! A whole day of paper making with Michelle Samour at the Museum School, Boston, MA.
Cooking kozo pulp Cooking kozo pulp
Cooked Thai kozo pulp. Cooked Thai kozo pulp.
Michelle "charging" the vat. Michelle "charging" the vat.
IMG_3124 (1)
couching my sheet couching my sheet
couching step 2 couching step 2
IMG_3134 It was a pleasure and a joy and I learned so many PAPER MAKING-IN-STUDIO tips.
LPPaper2_resizedB A little bit of pulp painting with stencils
A little bit of embedding. A little bit of embedding.

Thank you sensei Michelle Samour!

I took this photo below of Michelle in Cleveland, 2012. Check out her latest work recently shown at the Fitchburg Art Museum.
Eyes of God, Michelle Samour Eyes of God by Michelle Samour