More Origata November 18 2011

After my friend Rie went to visit the studio of Kazuki Yamane I was inspired to investigate further into the origata world. I came upon the Origata Design Institute in Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo. The Origata Design Institute, managed by Ms. Sugihara was established in an old-style shop. (An "old-school" tradition taught in an or rather old building). They offer origata workshops, upon the tatami platform, publish and sell books on the subject, and most of all, provide an inspirational place for folding enthusiasts to learn and meet other folders, and of course, a place for artists to spawn ideas for collaboration. During my short visit to Origata Design Institute, I met a paper folding artist Ms. Yuko Nishimura, who has shown at the Fuller Craft Museum, in Brockton, MA, not far from Paper Connection. I also met a young wire artist, Mr. Yujin Hataguchi, who created these postcards on left below from photos of his work. Photos of goods at Origata Design Institute below. Just two datys ago, I saw another display of origata as soon as you enter the shop at the Origami Kaikan, which is located in another section of Tokyo. Looks like interest in this ancient art is having a revival; it seems to be back in style. It really is encouraging to see others promoting traditional arts as we do at Paper Connection. We teach in order to bring history to the present; so the new generation will adopt ideas invented in the past, re-interpret them with fresh eyes, and then incorporate them in their creative endeavors.

Origata: the ancient art of Folding Etiquette November 03 2011

My friend Ms. Rie Someya went to a special display of origata at the studio of Kazuki Yamane and wrote this blog (click here) on my that girl!