Meeting Jules; founder of Heron Pond Studio June 28 2012

Recently, upon attending (somewhat participating in) Jules' talk and demo at the Providence Public Library, I knew right away I found my kind of teacher. Jules is a self-taught and confident artist. She's someone who lays out the A's, B's, and C's of printmaking with no pretenses; encouraging students to throw caution to the wind,- not to be afraid of the outcome. To think her studio was around the corner from Paper Connection for years and we finally connected in 2012! It seems like I've known her for years. So much to catch up on; so much to learn from her. I knew it was a great match the first time Jules visited Paper Connection. Her eyes flashed with delight as she relished each sheet of paper she touched. I was compelled to check out her studio asap, so I invited myself over to Heron Pond Studio. Photos below.
Jules relishing some beautiful paper.
An innovative printmaker who teaches in the Providence and surrounding area, Jules delves in printmaking methods on all sorts of materials. We love how resourceful Jules is, and champions recycling, upcycling, and of course, supporting local providers, (like us!), strengthening the artistic ties in Providence. One of our paperwomen, Ouiji, who is a talented mosaic artist, tried her hand at carving and printing on donated leather scraps in a woodblock course by Jules of Heron Pond Studio. Great job, Ouiji, and Jules!
Ouiji's print on a leather scrap.
Enjoy the slideshow of a visit to one of Jules' lecture/demo at the Providence Public Library- Rochambeau branch.