Introducing the Yoshizumi Duo September 10 2023

I am proud to introduce you to my papermaking teacher- Ms. Ayako Yoshizumi, now 89 years old, with whom I met her daughter- Tomoko in 2018. Ayako and Tomoko Yoshizumi are a mother/daughter duo from the Western side of Tokyo, Japan co-teaching papermaking and paper arts workshops in many parts of the world including Mexico and Romania. For 35 years Ayako has taught papermaking at the Yamazaki Elementary School in Tokyo to students between the ages of 7-13. Several years ago, Tomoko joined her mother in spreading the word about the importance of paper made with one’s own hands. With access to the school’s professional papermaking studio, the Yoshizumis are keenly focused on teaching the elderly population, which is the fastest growing segment of the Japanese population; known as the “silver” population.Both inside and outside of Japan, the duo has made it their mission to teach how “washi”-Japanese handmade paper, can be used in everyday life, as it was hundreds of years ago and to ensure it will be used by future generations. I have learned many new techniques from Ayako Yoshizumi and I am grateful for the friendship that quickly formed between the 3 of us. You can only imagine how SUPER-excited I am to host the mother/daughter duo to my hometown and have them teach weekend workshops in mid-October at our brand new studio in Pawtucket, RI: the Art Annex. During the same stay, together we will take part in PAPER TIDES: the North American Hand Papermakers conference at RI School of Design and give a demonstration on Friday afternoon, October 20th at the RISD Auditorium inside 20 Washington Place, Providence, RI. The demonstration will review the history and how-to's of Kinkara kami or gilded embossed wallpaper . It is Ayako Yoshizumi's first time in the USA. Let's all give a warm welcome and may New England show off its best ever autumn leaves' colors this October! By the Paperwoman- Lauren Pearlman Sugita. The name of their enterprise is called Washi Yoshi- click to see their Instagram page.