Ziguzagu Down Under November 19 2010

It seems the classical way of wrapping with square cloths, called furoshiki, has been a noteworthy, recent trend, and rightfully so. Wrapping with reusable and artfully printed fabrics is an environmentally-friendly custom, which has finally come to the west after centuries of use in Japan. The appreciation I have for all sorts of Japanese textiles led me to this site, Ziguzagu,(Japanese for "zigzag" ) a store in Melbourne. Check out their library; I was happy to see I own several of the books listed. And check out their assortment of other textiles, like these shibori scarves.

Anyone heading to Melbourne soon? That's next on my list... Coming soon to our sister store PaperNado- hand-printed furoshiki & tenugui; please inquire at Paper Connection. Great last minute holiday wrap and present in one!

Happy Trails, Paper Sails November 12 2010

How would you like to ride in this boat? Frank Bolter, a conceptual artist, folded a paper boat measuring 18 feet, with some help from other paper friends. The boat sailed away on the River Thames, as seen above. Read the rest of Giant Paper Boat Sails on the Thames found via 360 illusion

Fans of Paper July 22 2010

We are all surviving the recent heat wave here in New England; I have such an incredible staff, working steadily throughout.... My thoughts turn to the cool fan. I came across this by little paper bird: and this by Aimee Lee : And for all us paper fans, here's another one from the American Museum of Papermaking in Georgia.