Artist of the Month: Toby Sisson – Taking a Leap of Faith August 04 2020

Toby describes her work as “drawing lines in wet sand with a long stick.” One might add thoughtful ambiguity operating on multi-tiered levels. Toby Sisson’s art includes paper, lettering, and encaustic monotype that tells stories of both psychology and social conscience – a hand-graphic core, deeply harnessing the humanness of us, we, and them. Toby did not always see herself as an artist but after thirty years bartending she took a leap. Toby walked that fine line between trust, self-preservation and excitement at the possibilities, enrolling and earning her degree at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota with a focus on drawing, painting, public art and teaching. Toby Sisson (above) Toby using some of Paper Connection International's kozo fine art papers; image courtesy of Toby Sisson.

Check out Toby's website and don't miss the gallery page showing “. . . breadth of metaphoric meaning that can be derived from non-objective abstraction.” It’s vast, deep, thought-provoking, and for me, totally inspiring. Listen to the artist’s speak on her “Evolving Perspective,” the work and relationships with curators/gallerists that give voice and life to her pieces. This video was done in conjunction with Worcester Art Museum’s Central Massachusetts Artist Initiative and a true treat.

If you want to find Toby, she teaches Beginning and Advanced Drawing and Painting, Studio Topics and Senior Thesis seminars at Clark University. Hear her speak, along with John Aylward, Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory, on "Why Make Art in an Unjust World? " Toby’s work is in numerous public and private collections including Brown University in Providence, RI and the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA. Toby Sisson resides and designs from her studio in Providence, RI. fricka a.i.r. - our papers help tell your story