A few words, please share yours. June 05 2020

Yesterday I was home, reading, learning, listening and absorbing the strife, pain and suffering of our culture and thinking how, and if, I could insert my true values into thoughtful words. *El duende is one single word which describes how my body and soul is responding to the world’s centuries–old human tensions. El duende is the spirit that gets me off my feet to move, dance, make an action. This one word, el duende, describes how it feels to RISE UP to fight against racist, unjust structures deeply-embedded in our society. The el duende spirit helps to motivate us in highlighting the mission of Black Lives Matter. For too long black lives have not been equal in this country, facing state-sanctioned violence every day for centuries and in this moment there is the intense revolutionary wave upon us to actually make changes to systemic discrimination. It is our responsibility to be part of the wave of change; to continue practicing inclusiveness and free exchange of ideas, to un-silo our silos and be there for each other. I realize that regardless of anyone’s ‘life’ medium, technique, or message, we all struggle to master our chosen tools and techniques - to create the outcomes we desire. Paper Connection (I) continue(s) to support community growth, impacting illumination, and enlightenment to not only create change, but to cement what we’ve believed all along, we are created equal and all worthy of freedom and to be born onto the same field of dreams. I’m in - to serve through empathy, humility, courage, humor, and grace. This is my being – everyday. And I’m here for you. I will be an ear, a heart, and a hand to hold. I will be non-judgmental. I don’t walk in your exact shoes, however we can stride together with compassion and understanding at our side. Listening is our key, as vulnerability and sensitivity are our true strengths during these times that challenge the spirit. That is courage. When the going gets tough please remember to find those silver linings. This is our shared experience and humor can play a key role to release tension. Practice softness towards yourselves and others. Be open to talking candidly and engaging in honest dialogue. Stay aware and awake. Lean forward when you can, give what you have and hug the hell out of the person next to you. That’s what I call grace. Please stay connected. Please send me your words of wisdom to I’ll be sure to post! Love to you all, Lauren PS See below-here is a blessing that I just adore by Mona Polacca: And these are just a few more words I wanted to share with you.
*El duende (definition from Wikipedia.) is the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive. Folk music in general, especially flamenco, tends to embody an authenticity that comes from a people whose culture is enriched by diaspora and hardship the human condition of joys and sorrows.