Shifu. Weaving with Paper Threads. May 27 2011

Several months ago- maybe more-I did a post on FaceBook about shifu. It was a minimal post- mostly photos in fact. Apparently this post inspired one of my colleagues to set forth on a brand new quest to learn how to make shifu. Barbara Green, being an accomplished painter, graphic and web designer, competing rower, and avid sailor, taking on weaving (never mind making threads from scratch!) was veering down a truly unknown path. But there's no surprise Barbara set down this difficult road, as she is one of the most fearless and determined people I know. After Barbara brought the notion of shifu to the attention of the Weavers' Guild of Rhode Island, a few more locals came a callin' and wanted to give it a try. For me, the spread of knowledge. particularly knowledge of my own passion for paper, sincerely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy little FaceBook post can go a long way. Now, my hunger to learn more about shifu and other paper textiles has been reignited. Thank you Barbara- the inspiration is mutual!