Paper Orbs September 21 2021

Hanging Orbs in muted tones
Close up from Hanging Orbs in muted tones

Fun with Paper Orbs

Depending on paper, color, texture, printing, and size, your choices can lead in many directions. Versatility is the name of the game. Each orb is created with three strips of paper, scored identically, nestled & interwoven as ringed partners. These orbs look a bit complicated but, once you get the hang, the opportunities are endless.
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“Make it your own.” does a great job kicking off an afternoon of pure-play and whimsy. I used paper varietals from Paper Connection (see below). Try paints, acrylic markers, and digital designs direct to paper. I printed in several sizes to create modulated pieces. I love textures and muted colors but found varied color combinations and direct design-to-paper very satisfying. Everything you need is on, including a great video on how to form each orb. Play, experiment, and see where it leads! Why not add dried rice or beans to each piece and create dance and rhythm! What about a semi-transparent paper? Please show us what you have made!
CreativeChicago's Orb Template
Papers used for the hanging orbs are as follows:

An-Jing Embossed Leaves

Tājā Cotton

Metallic Lokta

fricka - artist in residence - our papers help tell your story

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