Paper and Light October 10 2022

knitted paper, paper yarn, shifu, paper thread, paper shawl Knit paper curtain allows filtered light while providing subtle privacy.
caught in reflection
whispered messages
collaborative warmth
light, shadow, and reflection
love at first sight
Look for dreamy Kozo/Hemp Textured & Flecked Papers Lacy but mighty Asarakusuishi (hemp with holes) Holey Smoke! M-0803 - Check out this lovely video. Great double-sheathed over lightly textural Chiri White M-0204 We never of tire of this unryu-asarakusui style paper made with hemp/kozo paper with holes and flecks. Lovingly named: "Flecked Nest" More natural toned papers shown here including the the inlaid grid paper shown on right. There's the traditional plain white unryu shoji paper too. Here are some images of the beauty of how paper transmits light discovered while traveling.
shoji, shoji doors, room divider, Nao Washi Kyushu paper store shoji screen.
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