Net Zero Work-It's a good thing! January 15 2011

As many of you probably read, Martha Stewart has recently joined the green movement: she is collaborating with KB Home to provide a line of green homes. These homes would consume less energy than it produces over a course of a year, considered as a net-zero energy home. Anyone can help their workplace become a net-zero space. Here are Paper Connection International, we try our best to recycle, reuse, and be inventive with the way we do business. Of course, we carry tree-free papers goods, but as far as office duties go, for the past 15 years we've consistently maintained some earth-conscious habits, continually striving for a net-zero office and warehouse. As you peruse through our green gallery, please share any net-zero tips you practice at home or work. Take a peek at our resourceful ways: Whatever packaging we receive with incoming shipments, we promptly store away to use for outgoing. As many of you know, we send out our paper rolled. The tubes above were formerly used as the inner core for fabric bolts, but now are used as the inner support when we ship our precious paper.