Mary Fassett: 97 Years Young September 28 2012

What do you picture yourself doing at 97 years old? If you follow Mary Fassett's example you would still create artwork, write, but mostly continue to learn everyday.

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to visit Mary Fassett; on my way home from the 6th Annual Encaustic Conference on beautiful Cape Cod. Mary has been a fixture on the Cape, where, since moving there in 1980, she worked as a portrait painter and taught art. In reality, she is much more than a painter; Mary has worked in so many mediums. Check out her sculptures, ceramics, limited edition books, etc. in the photos included here and on the flickr link below..
2 different nymph sculptures; images scanned from her book.
I was thinking of renaming her as "Mary Multi-Faceted" (I think I just have!). She represents a life of many phases; Mary is a person with endless layers.

What I admire about Mary is her creative spirit; it never falters or fades. Although, her body has slowed down, her mind continues to feverishly work on the next project. Understandably, she works fervently and quickly, trying to complete many tasks before she goes. She writes in her book Revise and Dissent: "I am trying to understand the story of my inner life, so that I can now peaceably weigh the harrowing conflicts that have worked me over for a lifetime." Mary seeks knowledge of self and others almost every waking moment. During my visit, she held my hands in hers, and studying my eyes, she said, "I don't really know you; I want to know you". Hopefully she discovered something new about me that evening. I certainly unveiled a new layer or two of her fascinating persona, not only by visiting her in person, but also via writing this blog. Bravo Mary! may you continue to inspire us all; forever inquisitive, forever hungry to know the interior, exterior, that is, all facets of being human. To see more images of her work, check out our flickr here.