Delia the Dragon December 22 2011

My genius friend, Ms. Reiko Tanaka made me this incredible origami dragon. It took her close to 4 hours to make! She used a a piece of metallic, wrapping paper from a box a sweets measuring approximately 50cmx50cm. The pattern came from the book "Genuine Origami and instructions by Mr. Jun Maekawa. Reiko says Mr. Maekawa is a genius, but I say she is a genius for just figuring out how to fold this 9-inch long beast. I named her "Delia"- which I thought was a friendly-sounding name for a dragon who would reside near my paper "castle". If you're up for the challenge, try folding your own dragon for 2012: the Year of Dragon. Reiko recommends thin and strong washi. I'm sure there are at least a few choices at Paper Connection.