Calling All Makers, Artists, and Imagineers September 01 2022

Fricka Jones, gyotaku, gampi benibana paper, washiMimi King, EtchingThe creative power of the universe flows through each of us. From a single molecule to a supernova, giving voice to our journeys through self-expression is to share with the larger community - to spur our direction with refreshing perspectives, revisited or otherwise. Your platform of sharing and filling can continue here at Paper Connection International. Show your work in paper through your love of paper exploration. Being curious and open has gotten you this far, perhaps changing the way you work with paper and its properties gets you even further. Do you work with our papers? Are you working with our papers? Tell us about it! We'd love to spotlight your maker-ness. Want to share your portfolio or next show? Even better. Click here to leave your contact info and a brief idea of what you are working on/with/out, and we'll get back to you with the next steps. Kit Davies, mini book The soul Fricka Jones, Waterfall, origamiof why we do, what we do here at Paper Connection, is sharing the art and artistry of using paper, from inception to completion. Communities around the world are fed from paper's iterations. Families thrive by providing an art form they can pass down to future generations. You also can be inspired by the beauty, breadth of natural materials, workmanship, and care that goes into each sheet of paper, packed carefully - sent directly to you - ready to help tell your story. Let us give back in this way while giving thanks for all you do.Book with hanji signatures. Bari Zaki. Julie Miller, joomchi, paper felting Click here to tell us more about you.